Young Dubliners Really Wakes You Up

So, I've started getting into the groove of going down to my basement office in the morning and getting stuff done. I've discovered that cranking up the Young Dubliners station on Pandora is a good way to wake up - just the right mix of Punk and Irish pissed-off-edness. Usually have to tone it down by noon, but still, a good way to get things going.

Had to buy a space heater for my office - it being around zero with wind chill outside now. Still, I got a good bit done today - rearranged some of the projects and package names, created a couple of services which our front-end web service will use to validate the data coming in, created a nightly job to generate the javadocs and publish them on the web. Also, got Redmine and svn to play nice together, so now we should be able to associate issues and fixes with specific versions of code.