More Fun With BeagleBone Black

October 20, 2013

I've discovered that owning a BeagleBone Black (or, in my case, two) is kind of like owning one of those really, really nice
cars that you buy but you can almost never drive because it spends so much time in the shop. It's a lovely piece of hardware, it
really is, but the people who created it seem to have gone to great lengths to make sure that all you can do is sit back and admire
it, because you certainly won't be able to do anything useful with it.

My next foray into BBB craziness was attempting to get


Fun with BeagleBone Black

September 25, 2013

So, I've decided to try to play with ZigBee, and since I have a couple of BeagleBone Blacks hanging around doing nothing, I thought I'd try setting it up on them.

First thing I came across was that the BBB's seem to have issues with accessing their UARTS. Even via bonescript, there seem to be issues.

So, first thing I did was to upgrade to the latest firmware, and then do opkg update followed by opkg upgrade to get all the latest stuff. However, when I tried to run a bonescript program (the one from here), I got module bonescript


Zeroconf Rocks!

June 28, 2013

I have a lot of computers on my network now - my laptop and desktop, my wife's 3(!) computers, her iPad, two Linux servers and miscellaneous other devices, along with my Raspberry Pi and two BeagleBone Blacks, so managing all these was starting to be a pain. So, just on a hunch, I wanted to see if Bonjour/Zeroconf/Avahi could help. I did some investigation, and it turns out that you can access any machines that advertise on Zeroconf by name.local. Since I work predominantly on Macs, I was already pretty comfortable with the idea of dynamically finding