Stef Sick

About 3 AM Stef woke up complaining about chills. I tried to keep her warm, but she had a real hard time getting back to sleep. This morning, she had a 100 degree fever - clearly the Flu. Unfortunately, she had scheduled the family party for the girl's birthday today. I wanted to postpone/cancel it, but she felt like the girls were really excited about it, and didn't want to disappoint them. It turned out kind of nice - I grilled burgers and brats despite the rainy cold weather, and we all ate, and the girls opened presents.

Stef spent the rest of the day crashed out (in fact, she's crashed out right now on the sofa next to me).

I also had heartburn all day, starting after breakfast. Everything I ate seemed to trigger it, so at dinner I opted for the BRAT diet (Bananas Rice Applesauce Toast) which seemed to make things better.

The girls seemed to like their party.