Setting up NTP on BeagleBone Black

June 10, 2013

For some reason, they didn't seem to see the need to set up the time service on the BeagleBone Blacks by default. I tried using the instructions from this gentleman, but I had to make some modifications.

  1. Install NTP
        $ opkg update && opkg install ntp
  1. Edit /etc/ntp.conf, adding as the server:
        # This is the most basic ntp configuration file
        # The driftfile must remain in a place specific to this
        # machine - it records the machine specific clock error
        driftfile /etc/ntp.drift
        # This obtains a random server which will be close
        # (in IP terms) to the machine.  Add other servers
        # as required, or change this.
        # Using local hardware clock as fallback
        # Disable this when using ntpd -q -g -x as ntpdate or it will sync to itself
        fudge stratum 14
        # Defining a default security setting
        restrict default
  1. Set your local time:
        $ cd /etc
        $ rm -f localtime
        $ ln -s ../usr/share/zoneinfo/America/Chicago localtime
  1. Edit /etc/default/ntpdate:
        # Configuration script used by ntpdate-sync script


        # Set to "yes" to write time to hardware clock on success
  1. Now, reboot and see if the clock gets set correctly

Jack Lund

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