Second-to-last Day at Work

My second-to-last day at my old job. It's always strange being almost out the door - people don't really know what to say to you. Everybody's really nice, but I think it's kind of confusing - they don't know whether to treat you as a colleague or a stranger.

The basement is finished now, so it's time now to begin the process of turning it into an office/server room. I've got the cabling set up, so next I have to move the cable modem and wireless router down there into the space under the stairs, make sure everything still works on the network, and then start building my office furniture - one chair, one big-ass table, a small bookcase, put up my whiteboard(s), move my books down, and set up all the machines (once they come in). I have a Mac Mini coming in, and Mike, who is also in this new escapade with me, is sending me the parts for a Linux server which is going to be housed in my new "server room".

I'm really excited about the change, not just about working from home (which will undoubtedly be a double-edged sword), but also about the work. I've been putting together a prototype of a RESTful data collection service using JBoss, RESTEasy, and Spring, and it's really coming along nicely. I think a side-effect of all this will be some tools we can leverage for creating RESTful Web Services easily.