Martial Arts

I've studied various styles of martial arts on and off for pretty much my entire life. I took some Judo as a kid, Tae Kwon Do as a teenager, got my 1st Dan Black Belt in Cha Yon Ryu with John Blankenship in Austin, Texas when I was in my 30s. Around the same time, I studied Shuai Jiao, Tán Tuǐ, Seven-star Praying Mantis, and Bājíquán with Sifu John Wang from Austin. During that time I also learned various forms of Taiji, as well as some Hung Gar.

Since then I have studied Boxing and Cabales Eskrima with [Waldo Ocaña](http://www., and am currently studying Kampilan Eskrima with Guro Edie Mesina.