BeagleBone Black

June 10, 2013

Got my two BeagleBone Blacks from AdaFruit on Friday. Really nice. I bought them without enclosures because, well, the enclosures were $20, and the BeagleBones themselves were only $45. The nice thing is, though, that they fit exactly into an Altoids tin, so I turned two into my enclosures. I used tin snips to cut holes for power and Ethernet, and lined them with electrical tape to insulate the board from the box. Here's what they ended up looking like:

By default, they run Ångström Linux. The default programming environment for them is a variant of Javascript they call "Bonescript", which runs via Node.js. However, a kind soul had put together a Python library called PyBBIO, which I downloaded and tried to install. I kept getting the following warning, however:

Warning: you seem to have a BeagleBone image  
which only has drivers for the PWM1 module,  
PWM2A and PWM2B will not be available in PyBBIO.  
You should consider updating Angstrom!  

I tried updating the OS using these instructions, however it didn't make the problem go away. That's when I discovered that PyBBIO doesn't support the 3.8 kernel that comes with BB Blacks, so it looks like I'm stuck with Javascript for the moment.

Jack Lund

Jack Lund

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