Bad Blogger! Bad!

It's been over a year since I last used Mostly I haven't had much time to actually post - work has been rather intense, but in a good way. :-)

Recently, I've been looking around for blog solutions, and I keep coming back to this. I've been getting more and more into using Markdown, and MultiMarkdown for lots of things, from note taking to creating documents. I'll try to put together another post about that sometime soon. However, for blogging, I wanted to use Markdown, so I looked at jekyll, which is what github pages uses, but it kind of requires some work in terms of setting up the templates, css, etc (although there is a Jekyll Bootstrap project which helps a lot), and, being the lazy (not to mention busy) guy I am, I decided it was too much work after futzing with it for a couple of hours.

This seems to be the most painless solution, so I'm going with it.

Code blocks seem to be handled relatively well:

    public class Foo {
      private int bar;

      public int getBar() {
        return bar;

So, I'll stick with this, for now.